Help your customers buy the right size, every time

The Fit’s size recommendation software makes finding the best fit effortless, by mapping your customer’s body data to the product information in your webshop.

How It Works

Consumers access the app through a Find My Size button in your webshop.

They complete a body scan to get their body measurements with just two photos.

Our AI engine estimates the best size and displays it on your website.


Grow your conversion rate

Help consumers be confident about their purchases by eliminating sizing guesswork.

Reduce returns, increase revenue

Boost profitability by preventing returns due to wrong size or fit.

Make smarter decisions

Gain unique customer insights and use them to make intelligent and data-driven decisions.


Be a sustainability frontrunner

Optimize your process, minimize waste, and make the fashion industry more sustainable.

See The Fit’s size recommendations in action

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