Every smartphone is turned into a body scanner,  with body measurement accuracy within 10 mm.
We have a 99% success rate!

The Power To Customize

Highly accurate 3D body scans will enable the body itself to be delivered as the platform and around which companies will have to customize or adapt their products and services.

Plug & Play

Whether you are an e-commerce, fitness professional, doctor or tailor our solution enables you to extract key body shape and measurements relevant to your industry.


By combining 3D scanning and artificial intelligence, The Fit changes the online experience of the future. Offering consumers a new world of personal comfort.


Our mission is to have a positive impact on people and the planet by reducing returns, improving people’s health and helping companies drastically reduce their overall corporate climate footprint from products and operations.


Shoppers might not know their size, but we do

Adapt For The 3D Future

Truly understand how to fit your customers using 3D body scanning technology to design, produce and market to a rapidly changing apparel industry. Allows for on-demand production, 3D-printing or virtual fitting rooms and online-styling.

Reduce Returns Through Accurate Sizing Recommendations

Provide personalized sizing recommendations based on highly accurate body measurements to increase customer satisfaction, lower returns and minimize carbon oxide emolution.

Meade To Measure Production Made Easy

Offer a Plug & Play measuring solution to simplify the shopping experience for your customer. By using 3D body scanning, to remove varied tailoring skills, you get consistent results and can provide your customers with perfectly fitted garments and minimize alteration costs.

Integrate with existing top fashion and apparel technologies

Compatible with the best and most popular 3D CAD solutions offered by leading fashion technology companies.


Track the changes in someone’s body shape and dimensions as their body responds to your fitness and nutritional guidance, keeping your clients engaged

Monitor Health Risks

Extract body measurements, shape and body fat composition relevant to your clients or patients progress. Determine health risks compared to others within their gender and age group. Treat eating disorders by tracking progress at home using precise and accurate measurements, following up on the treatment plan.

Track Body Changes

Monitor fitness progress by showing exactly where body dimension and fat composition are changing. Accurately track fitness success through shape change with precise body dimension measurements. This allows them to quickly see results of the time and energy they spent towards reaching their goal.

Easy, Self-Service Scanning

Clients can scan themselves, anywhere, at any time, to obtain their body pass within seconds. Remove the invasion of personal space of body measuring, by offering a mobile solution available from the comfort of their own home.


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