No more guessing, always get the right size

Having trouble finding your size when shopping online? With our app it’s easy: do a quick body scan by taking two photos, and get personalized size & fit recommendations.

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How It Works

1. Take two photos with your smartphone

2. Get personalized size recommendations

3. Take it to your favorite shops to find the best fit


Personalized for you

Our shopping assistance tool gives you personalized guidance to find the perfect fit and make smarter purchases.

Easy & convenient

Do a body scan once, on any smartphone, and always have the information you need to get the right size.

Adapts to your changing needs

Did your body change? No worries! Just do another scan to update your profile and get new recommendations.

We keep your data confidential

We don’t save any information in the app from which you could be identified, keeping your details 100% safe and secure.

Start shopping smarter with The Fit

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